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Back & Neck Injury Results

Brett Murphy’s handling of a recent million-dollar back injury case illustrates how a careful attorney can use the mediation process in a joint-and-several liability situation to divide and conquer multiple defendants.

On a freezing January night, Mr. O’Brien was going too fast down an onramp to I-5 and lost control of his Ford SUV. He came to a stop facing southbound in the northbound lanes. Nicolette was a passenger in a collision she could not avoid. Nicolette seriously injured her neck, and while she tried everything her doctors recommended to recover, her neck did not heal. After further testing, her doctors determined that she would need surgery. Nicolette was shocked to learn that her health insurance company refused to approve the surgery.

Chris contacted Brett Murphy for assistance after being involved in two moderate impact auto collisions. Chris did not immediately recognize the extent of his injuries and failed to seek immediate medical treatment. He was diagnosed with cervical and lumbar strains by his physician. While these “whiplash” type injuries typically resolve quickly, Chris’s condition deteriorated and ultimately his injuries prevented him from returning to work as a welder. His inability to return to work resulted in a significant wage loss claim, atypical in a “whiplash” type case.

Colleen, her husband and a friend were having a summer’s afternoon lunch on the outdoor patio at the local Red Robin restaurant, at a table that had an umbrella for shade. Suddenly a gust of wind caught the umbrella, causing it to fly up into the air where it spun around and then came crashing back down toward the table. Colleen instinctively put up her arm to block the umbrella, and in doing so injured the rotator cuff in her shoulder.

Steve Knapp’s client was seriously injured when she was rear-ended by the defendant who was cited by police for following too closely. Our client’s car was totaled, and she incurred $18,000 in medical bills being treated for injuries that include bulging discs, neck and back strain, and leg strain.