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Bill Coats

Bill Coats

Bill Coats

Growing up in Seattle, I had what they would call today “anger control issues.”  Fortunately, I was able to channel most of that energy into sports.  I grew to love athletic competition, especially football, because you can hit someone as hard as possible and everyone cheers. 

Here's a story that sheds light on why I became a personal injury lawyer. It was my junior year of high school and I was seriously injured playing football.  For three weeks I was in the hospital and underwent reconstructive knee surgery.  Determined to play again my senior year, I worked very hard at rehabilitation.  However, I realized that if I wanted to compete in something after my school days were over, I would have to find an alternative to athletics. So, for the first time I started working hard at school.  The hard work paid off and I helped lead our team to the state playoffs my senior year.  More surprisingly, my grades improved enough to get into the University of Washington.

The two most important qualities of a successful personal injury attorney are being a hard worker and a competitor.  This is especially true when representing personal injury and wrongful death clients with cases against huge insurance companies and corporations.   I feel blessed to have found a calling where I can be true to myself and channel my energy into helping others. 

Client Reviews

I very much appreciated the efficiency and professionalism of Bill Coats as my attorney. He helped me out during a difficult time in my life and showed that he was compassionate, understanding of my situation, and truly cared about the outcome in my case. I could not imagine receiving the same level of service from many other lawyers. Bill far exceeded my expectations and went above and beyond what I would consider the typical attorney/client relationship. There is no question that I would recommend Bill to a family member, friend, or acquaintance in need of an excellent attorney that I know would be dedicated to his or her cause.

– Adrian

I had a car accident that resulted in back injury and surgery. In my research to find a good attorney and not knowing which questions to even ask I found Bill Coats website very helpful and full of information and questions to ask attorneys. I went out with my questions in hand interviewing different attorneys (I had wanted to find one in my home town) there was not one attorney that was forth coming and most often they were surprised by my questions one attorney refused to answer one if the questions. It was then that I decided to drive the 40 minutes to meet and consult with Bill Coats. He was forth coming confident, listened and asked me questions, then he wrote on a white board the different aspects of my situation which included the amounts from different insurance companies and said he would ask for the full limits on each policy. I also felt I deserved the full limits and I asked Bill Coats if he would take it to trial if need be he said he would and agreed to take my case. We didn't need to go to trial and Bill got me the maximum on each policy. I was awarded in total a very large sum. I can't thank Bill enough and his staff were superb, kind and made me feel at home. Bill's. Paralegal was so so kind so organized and always called me back the same day. The best decision I made was deciding to drive further for the best!

– Michelle

I was in a horrific work accident and was overwhelmed by the questions and paperwork people wanted me to sign in the hospital so I hired a lawyer on a recommendation without any research. Less than 6 months into the process I realized I was in trouble so my wife did some research and found Brett and Murphy (it was Brett and Coats at the time.) Upon meeting Bill and Dean we knew we were in good hands. Bill Coats was amazing through the entire process. He truly fought hard for us and made sure the right people were in our corner. Through his efforts and hard work, he put the opposition on their heels and in turn helped us move forward with our lives. I can't thank him enough for everything that he did for me and my growing family. I would recommend him to all.

– Personal Injury Client

Bill and his staff were so great to work with. They were always professional and kept me informed in every step of the process. They were compassionate to my injuries and took all time that was needed to make sure that I understood my rights and responsibilities. Thank you so much Bill!

– Kim

My grandson and I were hit by a car in a retail parking lot. My grandson was not injured but I was knocked down to the cement and had serious injury to my shoulder. I was given Bill Coats name after I realized that I would need surgery and rehab. This was a very difficult time for me in many ways and I am happy to say that Bill made it as easy as possible in dealing with the bills and insurance company. Bill and his staff were there whenever I had questions with quick and correct answers. I am a RN and was very impressed with their knowledge of the health care system. My case went very smoothly and rather quickly - my sister was in an accident around the same time as myself and also had surgery and rehab. My sister is still dealing with everything and is having a hard time communicating with her lawyer to get a completion to her case. I highly recommend Bill Coats and his staff! There was never a time when I did not feel that they had my interest on the top of their list. I had a hard time dealing with the all the pain and appointments and changes in my everyday life but never did I worry about the bills or dealing with the insurance company- I always felt they cared and worked to get the best for me. My case was settled and I am very happy.

– Diana


Many people do not know that when they turn 21, they lose an important legal right: the right to recover compensation for injuries sustained during childhood that were caused by another person’s negligence.